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The Great Seal of Turtle Island, Maui HI

The Great Seal of Turtle Island, Maui HI

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Jan 11/2018 - 11am - 3pm  , IAO Valley State Park Maui Hawaii

The Great Seal of Turtle Island, 

is celebrated at the Angels Door inside IAO Valley State Park, Maui HI, this ceremony will in effect recognize the presence of the 13 Steps of the Mothers Heimatau, the Circle of the 12 Pillars and 

offer the opportunity to learn and know the existence of the other 11 Continental Creatures who are brothers sisters to the Turtle Island, that form the Council of the Continental Creatures,

Ma Uta Kumara and Ma Iri Te Tiirangi invite you all to stand with us on this magical day of honour, respect and total recognition of the Turle Island.