Mass Healing Circles Fall Tour Turtle Island 2017

Mass Healing Circle, Dec 2, 3/2017 Columbia MD,

Mass Healing Circle, Dec 2, 3/2017 Columbia MD,

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Dec 2, 12pm - 3pm Healing Circle

Dec 3, 12pm - 3pm, Wisdom Workshop,

Nourishing Journey Wellness Center, 8975 Giulford Rd, Suite 170, Columbia, MD 21046

Expansion through the knowing, the wisdoms from the 500 million year journey of your light beingness into the stone matter,

join with Mauta Kumara the ancient light navigator as he takes you on an incredible journey of super intelligence, 

powerful ceremony and the quantum knowing that brings the invisible spectrum into the visible spectrum,

two days have been set aside for this profound gathering, with a workshop for those who may wish to go deeper into the knowledge and wisdoms, of quantum modalities for cleansing and healing the land, water, sky, self and home,

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         "We look forward to remembering together!